We specialise in security guards for shopping centres, hospitals, banks, offices and all types of domestic security including crowd control. We also have full-time patrol cars and a 24-hour call centre.

FAQ - NT Security Services & Crowd Control

How will you control, prevent and remedy non-conforming service and institute appropriate corrective and preventative action?
We have a comprehensive performance management system that:
  • Rewards behaviour that improves the employee's performance, Addresses behaviour that results in poor performance by discipline, development, training or redundancy.
  • Objectively measures performance. We set competency standards or goals for various levels of performance. Staff appraisal then becomes a simple and unemotional process based on objective criteria.
  • Is trusted to be fair. Our employees are assured that our system will be used equitably across our organisation.
All our employees see that they have something to gain from using our system. If they do not believe our policies and procedures can make their job easier, the system will quickly be seen as a bureaucratic chore and compliance can then become an ongoing issue.
At Eyesight Security our performance management systems focus on people development, performance assessment and managing under performance.

Most crowd controllers (bouncers) are violent, what assurances do we have that your security staff are not the same?
The staff we provide to work in clubs, pubs and bars receive specialist training in communication and conflict resolution. Our staff is trained to communicate, be pro-active and build relationships with the patrons to facilitate a holistic approach to security. This puts us in a strong negotiating position should the need arise, and also creates a friendly environment between patrons and security.