Eyesight Security Pty Ltd

We specialise in security guards for shopping centres, hospitals, banks, offices and all types of domestic security including crowd control. We also have full-time patrol cars and a 24-hour call centre.


Grant - Liquor licensing Personnel says:
Keep doing what you do, people in the industry are noticing, the venue has improved immensely since you took on the contract, well done.

Jenna - Duty Manager says:
The venue has become a safer and friendlier place. Eyesight Security staff are both professional and friendly, keep up the good work.

Angus - Patron says:
I love the way you work, treating all people with respect, even when at times they don't deserve it. Awesome!

Dan - Executive Manager says:
Thanks for helping to make our wine festival a success. Look forward to working with your team again.

Sharon - Events Co-Coordinator says:
Parents were full of praise for the incident-free event, and your company will definitely be part of our ongoing festivities. Thanks a lot.

Marion - General Manager says:
A very professional company with a refreshing attitude towards service.